Prothesis Taksidiou – Road trip

 English follows
Thelw na dw an auto kanei auto pou nomizw oti kanei. Diladi oti tha mporesete na parakolouthisete to taksidi mas kathws auto tha ekselisetai. Den kserw kata poso tha mporw na anaivazw fotografies alla toulaxiston tha sas enimerwnw gia to stigma mas.
I’m trying to see if this will work as a place you can come and visit and follow the progress of the trip. Don’t know how often i’ll be able to upload pictures but at least i’ll try to inform you of our progress.
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5 Responses to Prothesis Taksidiou – Road trip

  1. Δημήτρης says:

    geia xara… pou akrivws pigainete??? dexeste sunepivates?lol kalo taksidiiiiii!!!!

  2. emmanuelle says:

    Hey, it looks like things are happening! When are you leaving then? I hope I\’ll catch you briefly on the msn before you go.

  3. emmanuelle says:

    i am not too good at this it seems I hope I\’ll get better soon!

  4. Maria says:

    Hey doll….still here I see.   But NOT for long!!!!!!  

  5. Andreas says:

    hey doll, just because you see me on line doesn\’t mean that i\’m home

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