Triti – Tuesday

Sorry agapitoi mou filoi gia tin talepwria alla telika eistiria exoume gia Triti 13/3. Toulaxiston exoume eisitiria. Auto simainei oti feygoume

Dear friends sorry for the hassle but finally we have tickets for Tuesday the 13th. At least we have tickets. That means we are leaving.

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2 Responses to Triti – Tuesday

  1. Shelley says:

    Have a wonderful safe time,i wish you all the luck in World of getting there and doing it safely,big hugs Papy

  2. emmanuelle says:

    Leaving on the 13th should bring you luck… as long as it is not a friday! Maybe i\’ll reach you before then,  if not have a safe and pleasant trip. And try to keep us informed thru this blog. Love , Emmanuelle

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