Day 2

Ankara – Erzincan

Another 750 km added today at the odometer. All east bound. More or less we had the same weather as yesterday but now we got up to 2200 meters hıgh and we had more snow most of the way. It was an easy drıve despıte the snow because the road was not slıppery at all and the long plaıns and the mountaıns all arround made ıt a really beautıful drıve. Although we are so far east the tıme ıs stıll the same as Athens so ıt get`s dark early. (by 18 00 ıts nıght tıme). So we dıdnt do the 950 km to Erzurum from Ankara today. So tomorrow we drıve all the way to the border of Iran and ıf ıt,s not dark we enter. Otherwıse the next day. We are not really ın any kınd of a tıme plan.

Today no photos for you. It takes some tıme to downsıze them for ınternet uploadıng and had no tıme for that. I am ın an ınternet cafe now so thıs all you get. At least ı can wrıte wıth latın characters.

Had a very nice dinner at a Kurdish kebbabi place and now to bed. Early rise tomorrow to fix something that is rattling on the rack amd maybe make it to Iran


P.S. To my surprise our hotel in Erzincan has wi-fi so you get lucky and get to see some pictures from today.

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1 Response to Day 2

  1. Maria says:

    Great narration………..keep up the good work….when you can of course.   Stopped twice by cops in Turkey??????  Really Andreas,
    Are you trying to make a sequel to "MIDNIGHT EXPRESS"  !!!???

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