Day 26 Happy Easter

Happy Eater every one. Alithws o Brahma. We are having a vegetarian lamb today. Vegetables on the spit. You see Pushkar is a Brahma religious spot with more that 300 temples in the area and strictly vegetarian. Not even eggs which except that it’s an Easter tradition, eggs have been an essential part of our breakfasts so far. I think those kebabs of Turkey and Iran are much missed lately. Today will be our last day in Rajastan. We will be heading to Agra tomorrow and then on back to the north. We need to cool down a bit after the constant 40 degrees (once up to 44) days and 36 degree nights.

Rajastan is a beautiful place and we wish we had more time to explore it’s beautiful country side full of temples and castles. (Anybody planning a honeymoon should start at Udaipur). So Happy Easter again, we are going for a pray to get rid of all our bad karma at the holly lake and wish a good life for our families.

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2 Responses to Day 26 Happy Easter

  1. Christina Fisher says:

    What an amazing trip!  It looks and sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time.  Thanks for sharing the photos and comments with us.  Keep up the great work and continue to enjoy this fantastic opportunity!  XOXO Christy

  2. kiki says:

    lucky boyz, surreal pleasure comes from your photos! milano starting from tomorrow will
    be waking up for the furniture fair…but nothing like your excitiment though!Relax, some
    more and enjoy!!!I\’ve took part in an egg ceremony,italian junk, so forget the eggs i had
    some for u as well and keep the Happy easter baci or filakia as u like

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