day 30 Varanasi

Day 30

Afternoon siesta in Varanasi. Two days drive from Agra. Beautiful Taj Mahal and polluted Ganges river. Two contrasts but that’s India. Full of them. Imposing the Taj but not much else to see in Agra but the fort so we moved on. Long drive with the typical crazy driving but somewhat dissent roads. All of India’s grain must be growing here. 45 degrees in the shade but thank Siva for A/C. Both in the car and in the hotel rooms. Two days and that’s all we saw, grain fields and people and animals.. Got lost getting into Varanasi and saw the ugly part of town as a welcome. But the night walk on the river side was beautiful. Today with the day light a different site all together. Totally different. And tomorrow when we take a sunrise boat ride it will be even more amazing. People do everything on that river. From bathing and washing to burn their dead. Meanwhile children are playing in the water and other water their buffalos and 400 million people shit in it. Only in town 40 open suers spill in the river. We decided not to go north from Agra although we miss the coolness of the mountains but then after Nepal it would have been too hot to do Varanasi. So Nepal is close from here and maybe we go on Saturday maybe we go on Sunday. 30 days and 9800 km later all is well and we keep on going.

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  1. Soto says:

    Filarakia ta pate poli kala. Zilevo oli sas tin diadromi an ke apo edo ke pera (Nepal) eho vrethi arketes fores. Ton Govinda na ton ebistefthite alla na tou kanete pazaria! Kalo xenodohio ehi mono ektos poli kedrou. Ola ta kedrika ine metria alla o Govinda tha vri kathara ke decent (To Dwarika ine ebiria alla ine akrivo) O adelfos tou tha sas vri ke oti allo thelete.. Ean pate gia trek (elpizo allios den tha dite ke polla) na kanete to Jomsom allios to trek around Pokhara den lei ke polla. Na dite sigoura tin Boudanath vradi (stin panselino kalitera) ke to monkey temple (swayabudinath or something). Stin Pokhara to view point ine fthinouli (8-10$) alla eki ine ke to kalitero hotel tis Asias (Tiger mountain). Do not miss Everest steakhouse (Pokhara or KTM) – ke na thimaste pos oles oi markes pou tha vlepete sto Thamel ine maimoudes so they should cost realllyyyyyyyy cheap. Ego girisa apo mia poli kourastiki Tanzania (22people group) ke fevgo tin deftera 23apr for Auckland: good news the phone will be working. even better news I\’ll be away for a whole 2 months. an varethite den tin kanete apo tin alli? Eki file Vaggeli girname mazi (ton Iounio) se ti tha mou pis na girisoume afou o Nikos tha ta ehi poulisi ola mehri tote………………….be well and stay healthy, give my love to all

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