day 48

Finally we made it to Pakistan with a 2 day delay due to mechanical reasons. Poor car, it gave them to us on the hand. (a famous old Greek expression) I guess it didn’t like the idea of leaving Nepal and go back so it decided to keep us in India. The mountains were nice and cool and the heat of the Indian planes killed it. Radiator fluid and gear box fluid became one and the mix (a nice pink froth) was cooling the car and the automatic transmission. From the 11,550 kilometers up to now very few were on major highways. On this one we had just gotten into it a few kilometers before and we only had 145 km on it for the border. We broke down outside (give or take a couple of miles) a Toyota dealership. In all the bad luck we hit jackpot. The famous Punjab hospitality started and we were treated immensely well in the next many hours that we were stuck with them. They even worked on the car on Sunday for a few hours. When we left we were all hugs and kisses with everybody working there.

The radiator was at fault and it got fixed the next morning but it was hard and tedious work to clean all the systems and refill them. It had to be done a few times to ensure that all the scum had gone out.

So instead of spending only 2 nights in India we spent 4. We crossed the border in the morning and drove south west for 350 km to the city of Multan The next 2 days are going to be very hard for us and the car. Today we saw the thermometer hit 50 for a long time but it was a constant 44 degrees and yesterday for seconds we saw 53 with a constant 47. So we have of 2 days of 650 km each on Pakistani roads with no other possible stops for us at this heat outside. After the Sibi experience on the way in now we can only stop in cities with good hotels with air-conditioning in order to survive it. So Quetta will be our next stop and then crossing the Baluchistan desert the next day to make it to the border of Iran. We will enter Iran the morning of the 3rd if we don’t make it to the 4pm closing time. (which we probably won’t)

After Quetta till Kerman, Iran it’s the same road that we took on our way down so we know what we have to face. Wish us luck for no more brake downs. Kisses

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  1. emmanuelle says:

    Salut, mes aventuriers grecs préférés! Waow mais je suis absolument épatée par ce reportage, et je dois dire : respect! I didn\’t think that this blog would be so regularly actualised. I wisch you luck and that you get home safely and in time … to catch up with work!!!! What, some 50 days of traveling around, it\’s about time we chat again on our good old msm!Many kisses

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