day 49-53

 Day 49

Quetta. Capital of Baluchistan and 12 hours away from Multan. This time we took the mountain road to avoid Sibi and the extra 300 km the other way has. Plus roads like this have less traffic, both human and automotive. We have very few choices of where to stop now that we know what bad it is. So we took the less traveled road, something that we have become experts in doing, especially after the Varanasi to the Nepal border road. After that road nothing scares us. So the road was actually not that bad and the scenery once again beautiful. After we crossed the Indus river, the population and the traffic started to thin out and so did the pollution. We could see blue sky again instead of the hazy and polluted Indian sky. The desert started again and as we were going up the hills the temperature dropped for the first time since we left Manali for Delhi that it went below 30. Actually it went down to 12 at the 2200 m high pass. From 42 this morning at 10:30 down to 12 at 7 pm. And if you think that 2 days ago we had 53, that makes 41 degrees drop in a very short time period. We were even thinking that we might have to get a light jacket out. Anyway, now we wait for dinner at our hotel room and then we have to get ready for bed time. Early rise tomorrow again for another 10 hours of driving to the Iranian border through the Baluchistan desert. . xxxx

Day 50

We missed the border closing by 10 minutes so we are stuck again in a border town. Those are the ugliest and since in Pakistan you expect the worst. We will use our sleeping bags of course but at least we will have a sitting toilet and the city doesn’t smell like shit. So we will survive it. We did the distance from Quetta to Taftan in 10 hours and half but we took the wrong road leaving Quetta and by the time we realized that we were heading to Karachi we had lost 2 hours and 10 minutes and 130 kilometers of our precious time. Only if we had opened a map before leaving and seen that there were 2 right turns we had to make and not only one. Also there are no road signs to tell you where you’re going so we totally missed our turn. Any way V is angry at me but it took us both 1 hour to realize that we were heading too much south and no west at all. The view now although the same it’s much different too. It’s 42 days later and the desert is hot. Only 43 degrees but the sun is deadly. So Iran tomorrow.

Day 53

Shiraz, Iran. Up in the mountains and with a nice climate. We are here because the ancient of Persepolis is close by and we had to see it. We drove straight from the border here, all 1,200 km in one go. We were delayed as usual in the border and then with the army or police escorts we were forced to have but we gained an hour and a half in time difference so we were by 4 pm in Kerman and it was too early to brake our trip. Iran also has very good roads and driving at night is pleasant. Also we had an almost full moon so everything was bright and we didn’t miss much of the scenery. The moon light was adding a sense of mystery to the whole thing and it was a beautiful drive all together. We got very late in Shiraz and after finding a hotel and getting to bed it was 6 in the morning. The next day was Friday, which is a Sunday to us so almost everything was closed so we only walked around the city. Today we had to take the car to Toyota again for its scheduled oil change and also to fix our radiator because it started leaking again at the spot where it was welded in India. We will see how it goes but it is much better to be stuck here because of the car than in the polluted and with oven like temperatures India.

11:00 pm. Car ok, Persepolis tomorrow and then north west to make it to Tabriz in a day or two. I had a carpet request from there. Also I don’t think that I can upload photos from Iran so next photo update in Turkey.     Kisses

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