Well this is it. It’s over. Finito la musica passato la fiesta. Papala

19.075 kilometers and 61 days later we made it home all in one piece and in good health.

5 countries, 7 if all were independent as they want to be. We were less than 50 km from another 4 countries and if we increase this to 75 km and then 100 km it’s 5 and then 6 the close fly by from other countries.

Yet to count all the different nationalities of people we met in our journey but let’s just say that in the 6 day trek in Nepal there were at least 4. At least I know that we stepped on 15 different kind of shit not counting small rodent and furry animals that crossed our road several times especially in the forests of Nepal.

The furthest east was Kathmandu, (if you don’t count the little plane ride to Mt. Everest) the most south was Udaipur and the most north I guess Ankara. 4 Capitals, 5 or 6 deserts and so on and so forth.

I hope, if you followed our trip, that you had a good lesson in geography and I hope you too can visit one or more of these wonderful places we went. All of them are beautiful and it’s hard to say which was nicer or better. But all I can say for every single place, is that it was amazing. We were very lucky and wise at the same time so we made the best choices possible and everything went according to plan.

Thank you for the support I got from you to continue this. It was not easy at all times to deliver. Good thing I had to download the day’s pictures every day so my computer was out every night anyway. Also thank technology and the little plug in memory sticks that allowed some of this to happen because very few hotels had wifi connections.

See ya

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1 Response to HOME SWEET HOME

  1. kiki says:

    welcome back brave travellers…to be all in one is all ready something! hope to see u soon filakia

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